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Grower’s Secret does more than sell agricultural products like fertilizers and growth enhancers; it delivers trustworthy innovation. Farmers face tremendous pressure in their business, at the mercy of weather, limited resources, and market prices. Profit margins are slim. Grower’s Secret exists to help farmers meet the ever-increasing stakes of the agriculture industry, and succeed in their goals.

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Amino Acids

Soybeans are an excellent source of amino acids. Grower's Secret Nitrogen is sourced from high-quality, non-GMO soybeans. Amino acids allow plants to optimize their energy to maximize field.

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Grower's Secret

Innovative Organic Solutions

Steeped in science. Discover powerful organic fertilizers that can optimize crop performance and yields.

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Yes they can be. A compatibility test is always a good idea before mixing fertilizers together.

The fertilizer is immediately available to nourish your plants, saving your plants time and energy from having to breakdown the nutrients themselves. It's easier for plants to be fed amino acids than to build them.

Grower's Secret fertilizers have a low salt content, and when applied as directed, will not burn your crops.

Do not pre-mix solution. Only mix what you will use. After opening dry powders, make sure to seal the bag the best you can and store it in a cool, dry place. Nitrogen 16-0-0 and Corn Steep 7-6-4 are dry, very hygroscopic powders meaning they attract moisture causing the product to clump or harden if not stored properly.

Yes! Though our fertilizers are organically certified, they can be applied to conventional, transitional, or organic crops.

Our dry fertilizers are available in 1lb, 5lb, 50lb bags, 1225lb super sacks, or 2200lb pallets. Liquid fertilizers are available in 32oz, 1gal jugs, 55gal drum, 275gal totes, or 5000gal tankards. Not every product is available in every size. Call us to check on availability. (888) 467-4769

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We are using the Nitrogen and Sea Weed powders and we are having the best results we have ever had with our plant health and blooming this year after changing to Growers Secret.

Larry & Corine

Austin, MN


I grow lavender from cuttings and from the propagation to 3" and to 1 gallon, you can see the difference. The appearance and color was spectacular. Thanks again for a great product.


Bend, OR


Summertime is the time when golfer traffic is at its peak and everything has to be perfect. Delivering high quality putting surfaces is my job and the Grower's Secret products are a part of that strategy.


Penn Valley, CA


Growers Secret enhances size and fills out fruit evenly. The winter squash and melons are uniformly well sized well shaped. In the hydroponic setting because the product goes in to solution well the distribution and uptake is good and effectual uniformly.


Wadsworth, NV


Our local nursery recommended your Grower’s Secret Professional to stimulate new root development. Twice as many canes grew from the stalk and this summer our berries were over twice the size of last year's harvest.


Sanger, CA

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Trust the experts. Grower's Secret fertilizers are verified by third-party researchers, making us your trusted source for crop inputs.